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W208 window regulator removal and installation

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After learning how to take off the door panel from another post Interior Door Panel Removal - Help - Forums

I proceeded with my fix to replace the window regulator. There is 6 rivets that need to be drilled out and 6 screws. 3 screws hold the motor to the regulator and the other 3 hold the window regulator at the bottom of the window in which it takes a star L wrench. It took me about 20 min to remove the rivets and the screws. I read that everybody uses tape to hold the window up, but with CLK320 W208 there is no window frame so you can’t use that method. What I did was after removing the regulator rasied the window up and stuck a wood block in an opening that held the window up as you can see in the picture. My bad that I didn’t take a picture before I started to remove the regulator. The picture shown is after I removed it. I began the install of the new regulator the hardest part was alinning the motor back that took me about an 1 hour. End up drilling the hole a little to make the sprocket to go in easer. After that it was land slide, put 6 new steel rivets 2 screws to the window bottom and regulator and finally done. I tested the window went up and down perfect I did not have any motor adjusting to do seems to know what to do on its own. Over all it would of only been a 3 hour job from removing the door panel, taking off the old regulator and installing the new regulator, but that dam motor delayed the process to 4 hrs. Note that I did the entire job by myself. Thanks and good luck to anyone that has to replace window lift regulator. I purchased it from for 78.00 a dorman 740-024 was the part number. tried to add pics but i couldn't.
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OK - these are the procedures from my WIS. Assuming that you have already removed the door cover...

1. remove outer sealing rail.
2. remove inner sealing rail. (coupes only)
3. remove window.
4. remove window lift mechanism.(regulator)

It is possible that you could do this without the glass being removed and therefore leaving the seal in place. The OP used a workaround method.

Let us know how you get on - plus some photos please...:)


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