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W208 window regulator removal and installation

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After learning how to take off the door panel from another post Interior Door Panel Removal - Help - Forums

I proceeded with my fix to replace the window regulator. There is 6 rivets that need to be drilled out and 6 screws. 3 screws hold the motor to the regulator and the other 3 hold the window regulator at the bottom of the window in which it takes a star L wrench. It took me about 20 min to remove the rivets and the screws. I read that everybody uses tape to hold the window up, but with CLK320 W208 there is no window frame so you can’t use that method. What I did was after removing the regulator rasied the window up and stuck a wood block in an opening that held the window up as you can see in the picture. My bad that I didn’t take a picture before I started to remove the regulator. The picture shown is after I removed it. I began the install of the new regulator the hardest part was alinning the motor back that took me about an 1 hour. End up drilling the hole a little to make the sprocket to go in easer. After that it was land slide, put 6 new steel rivets 2 screws to the window bottom and regulator and finally done. I tested the window went up and down perfect I did not have any motor adjusting to do seems to know what to do on its own. Over all it would of only been a 3 hour job from removing the door panel, taking off the old regulator and installing the new regulator, but that dam motor delayed the process to 4 hrs. Note that I did the entire job by myself. Thanks and good luck to anyone that has to replace window lift regulator. I purchased it from for 78.00 a dorman 740-024 was the part number. tried to add pics but i couldn't.
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Nice one doing same driver side. Need to check causes issue first. My window gets stuck on the way up f annoying.

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