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W208 CLK 200 Kompressor

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Hi all

I'm thinking about changing to a new car and of course a MB was always a choice for me.

One of most beautiful cars ever produced by MB was the CLK, which was always a headturner, wherever you may roam...

So, since I'm living in Portugal and we still have one of the most stupid cars taxes in the entire EU (we have the most expensive cars in the EU, althought our minimum wage is one of the lowest and the price before taxes is one the lowest, as well), I was considering a second-handed CLK 200 Kompressor, which has the best performance-price ratio in the category.

I was wondering if anyone has some thoughts on the car, namely fuel consuption, overall speed, road behaviour and so on...

I would be very please for any comments.

Kind regards,
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CLK purchase

I live in the United States, so I don't have a CLK200 to relate any information about. I do have a 430 and I can tell you that it is a great automobile. It's comfortable and built the way car should be. So, whether you get the CLK200 or any derivative of it, you will not be disappointed.

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