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I noticed the whole front of the car lowered a couple of months ago after a short drive. (This is my daily drive for commute) The car was parked for about a couple of hours at the car wash place for a car wash and tire pressure check. As soon as I started the car, I got a yellow warning message saying, "vehicle rising; please wait." I waited about a minute or two and the car raised to the right height, and I drove away. It has been more than a month, but there is no noticeable problem. No warning message, no visible height change, or anything. I took it to the dealership for other maintenance and asked them to look just in case there was anything they could find, but everything turned out to be normal. (No leak or anything like that except the airbag inside the strut because they said they have to take the strut cover off to see what the airbag part) It has been almost two months, and I didn't use my car for about a week. I checked the car's height almost daily and never have noticed any problem so far. Do I still need to check anything for this, or could it be a temporary system glitch or something? I appreciate any help you can provide.
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