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W204 Estate Transmission fluids?

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Hey Guys,

I hear mixed stories about servicing the transmission fluid.

I've had it since 50kms and I am not sure if the trans has ever been changed, it's at 80kms now and I have done oil every 10k's, however I have never seen the report of the trans being changed.

Should I do it, everyone says no the fluid is now so viscous that putting new fluid in it is suicide, should I change the fluid and filter but ask them to put the old fluid back in or do a full service?

It's not shifting slow or slipping, it's very smooth in S+ and Manual but I wanna keep it running good, should I not mess with it?

My gut tells me to leave it but I am big into preventive maintenance as this V8's are getting harder and harder to find these days and want to keep it running great.

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Recommended transmission service interval is about every 40K miles or 64k kilometer, so change it.
And not worry about recycling the old fluid and just put fresh in?
Would you do the same for the motor oil?

There is a correct way to service the transmission. Yours is not high mileage at all. If you want maximum life from it, change the filter and fluid.

You're over thinking it. I would even do it on a high mileage transmission. A pan drop and fluid change is only about a 50% fluid replacement anyway.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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