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I have just bought my brother's 2013 W204 C63 AMG in Shwarz Black which he was about to trade in for cheap at the dealer. They offered him 15k and that's where I stepped in and said HELL NO.

It has the P31 package on it and has just over 18k miles on the clock. It's mint and I just had it paint corrected and detailed.

Do you see the values of these cars going up any time soon?

His car was averaging about 1800 miles a year and has a full annual service record.

Your thoughts please.

Photos and a video link attached

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At that price and mileage I would say you should buy your brother and possibly the Mercedes dealership a nice present. The AMG cars are collectible but maintenance and procuring old AMG parts will be an issue after some time. They don’t seem to hold their value like 911 turbo cars do.
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