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2004 Mercedes Benz C240
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I need your help guys! Recently I brought my 2004 C240 to the bodyshop to repair the dents and minor scratches. Batt was drained since the car was sitting there for 5 days without starting the engine. I charged the battery but I am not able to turn the key. No "sound" when key is inserted to the ignition. There should be a sound indicating that key is recognized. The steering wheel is locked and also I replaced the batteries on my key but I cannot lock or unlock the doors. My mechanic said it might be the EIS (electronic ignition switch) but I am wondering because my display cluster will light up for a few seconds after opening the door then odometer which displays the mileage will disappear. 29,000+ kms will display "-------" below the trip meter then the display cluster will be lights off. Headlights, Domelights are all good. Please help! Thanks.
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