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W203 Bi-xenon headlights problem

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Hello, everyone. I've got W203 C270 CDI, 2001y Mercedes Benz. I cannot pass technical inspection, because there some issues with my Bi-xenon headlights. I've bought new D2S bulbs, but not very expensive ones, at the technical inspection shows that there is almost no lights, they say headlights are dead... How can i solve this problem? On both headlights is the same problem... I have noticed that headlights looks foggy, I am planning to polish them. It would help a bit or not?
I am attaching my headlights pic. Thank you for your time!


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If these were single-xenons, I'd say your projectors are probably worn out, i. e. after years of use, the mirror silvering inside the projector has burned off. Are you sure they're *bi-xenons* vs. single xenons?

Are the W203's similar to the W211's (the E class) in that the inner light on each side is the high-beam light? If so, then even if you do have bi-xenons, the mirroring could be worn out. This very thing happened on my S600 with bi-xenons; they were so dim that I considered the car unsafe to drive at night until I could rebuild the headlight assembly with new projectors. This is not difficult at all to do on either W211's or W220's, and having watched videos of people doing it on W203's, it looks like essentially the same process.
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