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W203 audio 10 with Bose replacement

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Hi all.
My son has just bought a pre facelift w203 c320. He’d like to replace the head unit with an aftermarket Sony that he already has. I’ve spent some time looking at various forum posts etc, but was after some advice on whether my plan should work, and/or if I have overlooked anything!:
Plan is essentially to purchase fascia adaptor and canbus adaptor for car and head unit, remove existing hu and cd changer, and run new speaker cables from new hu to amp location in the boot to drive the speakers thus making the Bose amp redundant.

Appreciate that this is quite a significant amount of work, but something that we are relatively confident in undertaking, so I guess the acid question is will this work, and what will not work or show errors after this?
Or am I completely on the wrong track!

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