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1994 W202 C200, 2017 W213 E350e, 1993 W140 S320, 1995 W140 S500
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I’ve got a W202 C200 from 1994.
I’ve just got a fully refurbished Becker BE1492 from Becker with inbuilt Bluetooth.

I would like to upgrade my existing speakers and amp with the Bose 7 speaker plus Bose Amp that came for the W202.

Right now my car has stock speakers:
1 on each door
4 on the rear deck
2 tweeters on the dash.

my question is would I need modification to fit the Bose speakers? And if so what would it be?

Note: my stock amp is broken so I would need a new amp and I figured it’s best to upgrade the whole system at once to Bose.
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