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W202 Door interchangability (please move)

Admin, please move this to the regular c-class section, I posted to the wrong section.

Quick: 93-97 door is not exact replacement for 98-00 door. But it fits (modifications required to fit side airbag to older doors) (modifications required to fit 3x screws that secure door panel to inner door skin)

Most people will find this useless info, but in my experience, someone might find this useful. Or maybe it's common knowledge...

Story: Just took ownership of an '00 C230K in good condition, but several of the body panels were heavily rusted. The worst was the front driver's side door. Ended up buying a replacement panel from a '95 C-class. Painted the replacement door with aerosol paint from which came out pretty close. Everything seems to fit, but I found out that in 97 when side airbags became standard on W202's, the interior door panel was changed to accommodate the airbag. From measuring, this meant enlarging a cubby section just below the door knob. Significant modifications needed to fit the airbag and the 3 screws that secure the pull handle to the door panel (2 for pull handle, 3rd to prevent inner panel from separating when airbag deploys)

Door from donor '95 car

Door from my '00, note the enlarged section for side airbag. There are also u-style nuts attached to the door. 2 are to secure the pull handle to the inner door panel, the 3rd is to prevent the inner panel from blowing into the driver's face when the airbag deploys.
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