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my car is a 1999 c230 kompressor

After I tried to convert my headlights to led it blew my fuses and who knows what else. And I am curious as to how to fix this problem. I love my w202 very much and any help is greatly appreciated.

I already ordered the sam and a new headlight switch relay.

what I did so far:

I tried a multipurpose mb relay I got at the junkyard, same problem

changed fuses and the passenger side taillight and license plate lights turned on

put dielectic grease on ground earth points mounted to the body

changed taillight bulbs and corner side lamp bulbs, same problem

swapped tailights from passenger side to drivers side,same result

I notice when I turn on my left turn signal the driver taillight flashes as well

Resoldered headlight harness I tapped onto for led bulb load resistor.

I am going insane trying to fix these electric gremlins that I've caused. Please help :)

changed ato fuses again, tailights working now and also corner lights, but left turn signal flashes too fast at the rear, front left turn not working and front right turn signal working but rear turn signal not working...

😭 why???
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