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W202 C220 major front end damage help

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Crushed the front of my W202 C220.
The right hand side of the bumper was pushed in, smashed the right hand headlight, crumpled the bonnet and set off the air bag and seatbelt tensioners.

Have fixed the air bags and seatbelts so it is drivable.

However removed the front bumper today to reveal that the front frame on the right hand side has been damaged.
Looks like it can be repaired by cutting off the bent section at the joins and welding on a better section from a doner Merc.

Just wanted to get some ideas and opinions on what can be done which would be appreciated.
Thanks Bazza

As you can see the bumper was pushed in a good 50mm

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Having an outcome like your 190E would be awesome, but then i would be afraid to drive it in case the paint job got damaged.
I'm going to fix up the w202, sell it and then try to find a manual w201 190E 2.6L. But they are hard to find, especially in manual.
Don't want another auto. Its the reason why my car was damaged in the first place. Put it in D instead of R and then slid down a slope in front of me. Tried to break but the wheels couldn't get traction as it had just stopped raining. Hit a wall at about 20kph and set the dam air bags off. In the end it was my fault for not taking 1 second to check the position of the shifter:(
Lesson learned
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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