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This User Manual comes in pretty handy for someone who likes to know what this and that does in the A Class .Just a few Tips but it's better then nothing here on the Forum .

The W169 A Class Link :
and for most current MB's:
Mercedes-Benz Australia - My Mercedes - Owner's Manuals
BTW:How to Use the above Manual,good question ,i slightly struggled to there for a minute ,for Example ,where the "Comunicating" Link is ,you click on that and now you like to see what Phone Manufacturer is compatible with the A Class ,on the left there are most major Brands you can click onto ,click on your Phone and another window will open with lots of other stuff and info popping up ,like how to connect/receiving/sending,Updates etc etc ...Click on "In Depth " and there is even more & more Info popping up,looks to me that the whole Manual is actually there within those 5 Links on the Top of that Page (well done MB) , verry Handy for the dont know or someone who has lost the Manual or board a Car without the Manual all together .
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