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W140 sites

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Just wondering if anyone knows of dedicated W140 sites.<br>
I used to visit an excellent site called David C Allens W140 page. But it is now offline.<br>
I would appreciate a good Mercedes site that I can visit for info and advice on 10 yr old benz's.<br>
ps, what has this forum got to do with BMW's ???<p>
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you're right vince, this site doesn't have to do with BMWs but

i posted a pic of 2 clks a couple bimmers and an s class at my school<br> <br> and then some homosexual named jimmy wu starts bragging about his bimmers. LOL<br> <br> i don't know any dedicated w140 sites, if i find one i'll let you know<br> <br> i visit this site and<br> <br> do you know of any other good mercedes sites?<br> <br> let me know.<br> <br> thanks,<br> <br> erik<p>
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