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I think you only can reset using Star diagnosis c3 via 38pin port. But in some cars if you’re unlucky even with the star diagnosis it will fail to communicate with the Srs airbag module and the light can’t be reset then you need to find out why. Easiest solution would be find someone or some shop which have the Mb Star Diagnosis c3 or buy a Chinese copy online but it’s a bit expensive. In my 97’ S320 for now I simply removed the Srs bulb until I find someone who has the Star Diagnosis.
If its not communicating with SRS its the module and and not the Star. I had this issue with a 420, and after many after hours hours, my indy found that the module lacked ground, he rewired the ground in the harness and all was well. So if Star won't rest the light, you have other issues, and likely a safety issue as the bag may not deploy.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts