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Mercedes=Car Warranty
Just get a warranty that will cover the evaporator and don't worry about it. The model evaporator was supposedly changed around the 95 model year. There is no shorcut around the repair. You will sleep better if you have a warranty on your MB.

Has anyone had the evaporator unit replaced in their w140? How long till it goes out again? Is it possible to do a redesign during the repair so that it is more accessible, thereby avoiding having to tear the engine apart to get to it? I"ve seen some great deals on s500 and s600's but have held back because of this particularly expensive repair. All the ones I have looked at have never had the evaporator replaced, and all owners/dealers claim if they go past 100k miles, it's not likely they'll go out any time soon. I'm deeply suspicious of this claim bec none of them agreed to put it in writing. I'm asking for all comments.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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