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hey all,
i am the current owner of a S500 coupe which is looking a bit sad/run down from its previous owner (my parents) and i intend to get it working as best as i can
unfortunately my previous car was an 85 volvo 740 Turbo which you could repair with a 10mm spanner and a Phillips head screw driver - i doubt the S class will be quite that simple as so far to say im struggling to see how the interior door trim can be removed. :surrender:
anyway a couple of days ago the front left electric window decided to fail - quickly followed by the rear right window
are these related? (using a switch board or control of some kind)
and whats the best way to service them?

plus if you happen to have the wiring diagram for the PSE vacuum pump (the one used for central locking etc) could you email it to me as the wires have corroded and come away from the block insert/plug and some more useful features of the car dont want to work :rolleyes:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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