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W126 Headlights in a W124??? Am I screwed?

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Hi, I’m afraid that I’ve made a newbe mistake. I bought some DEPO headlights off Ebay a few months ago for my 1989 300E, and I’ve just gotten around to trying to install them. Right off I notice they are much different than the stock lights – so I went back and checked the Ebay ad. The ad says they are fit the 1989 300E, but it also says the lights are for the W126 Mercedes, not the W124. When I bought these I didn’t know the difference, so I just went by the fact he said it fit the 300E. The deadlight shape is different, and I really wonder if these will work. It’s way too late to return them – am I screwed? What are my options? Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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He won't refund you. Best case scenario is you resell them again on eBay, local craigslist or an MB forum. Trying to squeeze a refund from an eBay seller outside the return period is a fools errand.
The best way to recover most if not all your money is to resell the headlights on eBay. Copy and paste the original sellers ad (with the necesary corrections) and post it for $1 less. You'll deny him a sale and you'll be made whole again.

Depo headlights are a commodity, there are many sellers out don't want to deal with the same bad seller again, even if it is for an exchange.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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