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As I was removing the distributor to do timing chain slide rail replacement, I realized that there was only one spring within the distributor for the counter weights even though there are studs for a second spring. For a minute I thought that one popped out and lost it but after further research I realized that there may have been only one spring to begin with.

This is a reman distributor from O'Reillys that clearly shows one spring in the distributor: Cardone Remanufactured 31-99801 - Distributor | O'Reilly Auto Parts

This is a used distributor from eBay that shows the distributor as having two springs: Mercedes W107 W126 Distributor & Cap Unit 0237505003 500SEL 560SL 560SEL 86-91

Is there a story behind this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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