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Own a 1988 300sel w126 with approximately 80k miles.

This morning I noticed pooled tranny oil on the floor under my car.

Started the car and backed it up out of the garage.

Previously would lose a drop or two of tranny oil a day but didn't think much of it.
From time to time it would take a little too long for the Tranny to to engage when switching from Reverse to Drive.

So now after noticing the puddle it takes about 7 seconds or so for my car to grab on to Drive when switching from Reverse.

I checked my tranny oil level and it was right on the bottom line (while the car was on). Added just enough to bring up the level to the top line.

Thinking about using Redline D4 tranny fluid to see if it helps with the delay n grabbing but since there is a larger puddle of tranny oil, I might want to get that checked out.

Please advise

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After swapping the trans filter and gasket, it's recommended to use Trickshift fluid (if not OE MB stuff).

May be lucky enough where you're catching early with these symptoms and escape with just a filter/fluid change.

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You may be fortunate and it may be only a fluid leak (which you'll need to address) and not a whole trans rebuild.

Taking too long to engage even if fluid is full is likely a valve body problem. You can mail it to have it rebuilt for about $300; I had that done for my 1990 300SEL. Let me know and I can dig up the contact info of the shop that did it for me (with excellent results). But for now let's hope it's just lack of fluid in the valve body.

For ATF, use either the MB branded stuff or Mobil 1 ATF.
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