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Does anybody have an idea how should the wire cable in between the Tempostat cruise control actuator and the throttle be trimmed? The throttle end is clear, but the actuator end is perhaps very sensitive of actuator lever position when motor is not running and the turning angle (max 90 degrees) when in operation.
Another matter is the tachometer signal frequency input to the electrical control unit. According to fault test protocol I have seen that the signal should be 1 per wheel cycle. I have counted that it gives 6 to 8 signals (I don't remember it precisely anymore) perhaps parallel to ABS wheel speed control. The difference is big, how can the control unit recognise the right speed?
I have tested all the input signals into the control unit and also the correct function of the actuator. I have resoldered the suspicious looking joints on the electical control unit board and replaced a couple of capacitors, too. That doesn't of course mean that there is may be a broken IC or something else on the board.
At the moment the Tempostat is not functioning, but still, I'm living in a hope to fix it because it is not completely dead - when driving and turning the CC on the solenoid in the actuator clearly clicks on but opens immediately.

Thanks in advance!
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