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w124 saloon, advice needed...

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Hi guys, I've tried the search but decided to start a new thread anyway.
I'm after a nice sound in the car, listen to loads of stuff, from rock to jazz and classical and wanted a decent sound setup in the car. Right now I'm just running a headunit with standard clarion speakers (came with the car) in stock mountings (dashboard and rear parcel shelf).
I don't want to lose half of the boot (bout would consider a small subwoofer if needed), just want a nice clear sound... Recently had a 300C (with the 3.0 diesel engine) with Boston audio upgrade and I was really impressed with the setup sounds so flat compared to that 300C.... I need to improve it.
I don't feel like spending a fortune on the system. I won't change the headunit (decent becker headunit, manufactured 2005).
I have a set of JBL GTO525E speakers (2way speakers, 130mm=5.25") new in box somewhere on the shelf. Could I use these in the back? Or will the quality (and size) be crap? I'm good with DIY so can make a custom subwoofer if someone tells me how to calculate all the sizes (volume versus size and power of the speaker etc).
Should I rewire the speakers at the same time?
Thanks in advance for your help guys!
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