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1994 E420, 221,xxx
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Hello all,

So this past Sunday I was on the freeway driving to work, and one of my radiator hoses came disconnected, draining my coolant, and causing the car to overheat. I work for a Mercedes dealership, so I had the car brought in, and one of the technicians replaced the hose. While he was at it he replaced the coolant level sensor which had been out for a while.

I picked up the car today, and noticed immediately that it was idling very low (about 400 rpm), and when I would come to a stop it would sometimes die.
Also the coolant light is back on, but the coolant level is just fine...

I have the car back at the dealership and they should be checking it out tomorrow. I just wanted to see what anyone on here had to say about this. I don't really know what could be causing the low idle other than the idle sensor... I don't even know if these two incidents are at all connected...

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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