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w124 e220 coupe - whirring grinding sound from under car

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Hi Folks,

I'm new to this forum and hope someone can help and perhaps benefit as well from this...

I have a 1996 w124 coupe. I had a problem earlier this year with a noise coming from under my car when its in DRIVE or REVERSE and the brake pedal is pressed. It sounded like a a fan or motor which needed greasing. It was very high pitched and would fade in and out randomly, but only when the car was in gear and with the brake pressed ie. when stopping at lights or at a junction. It was thought that it might be a vacuum leak causing the whistling/whirring sound. but it wasn't. The noise would occur regardless of how long the car has been running. In the summer months it went away but has now started again with the ambient temperature having dropped.

The problem has now progressed and i know how to replicate the sound.

At first the sound would only appear when the ambient temp was low. when the car was in D or R, with the brake pedal pressed.

Now, if i drive through a puddle, the water splashes upwards onto some sort of moving part or flyweel underneath the car. when this happens i get a combination of very loud grinding/screeching sounds, then a whirring, which turns into a high pitched whistle and then fades away, as if the water has gotten into something and has then been driven out by the movement. If i'm moving, the noise is minimal. The noise is at its loudest when i slow down using the brake. If i put the car into neutral, the sound stops. and will return when i selct D or R again and have the brake pedal pressed.

The sound is made regardless of whether the car has been running for a while or not.

My own thoughts are that perhaps the flywheel underneath needs greasing. with the low ambient temp, perhaps there is a build up of condensation, which caused the sound in the early days of the problem. and when water comes up from a puddle, its louder due to more water being there.

Please let me know if anyone has also experienced this before and whether they know what the problem might be. also, if there is a solution to this problem... many thanks in advance.

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