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W124 E-class Wheels (?) on a 560SL

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Was browsing at my local rim yard and came across a set of rims that is like an updated version of the classic 86-89 rims. (see pic attached) At first I thought that they were off of an R129, but was surprised to see the rims had my exact tire size on it, (The r129's were 16" I believe). I figure they must have been from a 300E or 190E since they are 15".

My question is this, since they have the same tire size should I just be able to bolt them on and drive away or would I have to deal with offsets/spacers etc? I Don't have too much knowledge about this stuff regarding wheels.

Thanks for any information you can share!


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I think the tire size is irrelevant. You need to match up bolt size, bolt circle, and offset. Check out Discount Tire, Tirerack, or 1010 tires for the info relating to your car's wheel requirements. Good luck!
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