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W124 dead

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After some pointers, Started my 230te today, (hasnt been run for some time), it fired first turn of the key, when I touched the throttle, it cut out and now wont start. It has no spark

Have tried the following:
Checked, removed the ovp relay all ok
Fuel pump priming ok
Took king lead off coil earthed it, no spark
Coil reading 13.4v on pos -.15 on neg on ignition live, but replaced it anyway

Still no spark
Trying to recall on the early edis it does need a signal from CPS, next question is are they prone to failure, how to test and where are they.

Also if anyone knows if no spark is a common problem caused by something else.

The number 4 hammer will be coming out soon.....
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We have ignition!!!

Removed all fuses and relays, cleaned them up, cleaned earths up and removed, strip and cleaned dizzy.

Sparking lovely now
yup, those cap and rotors are always overlooked when it comes to diagnosing problems. if it acts up again, you might as well get new parts so you wont have to deal with it again.
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