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Hi Guys
Often see discussion about antenna masts on the forums.
Help my antenna's jammed or wont work etc etc etc.
Anyone I know there is a plethora of aftermarket stuff out there, aluminium, chrome etc but for the stalwarts I have found a great resource of genuine Hirschmann product in the UK and his prices are great in comparison to the aftermarket US stuff !

Mast, Aerial items in car-masts-uk-shop store on eBay!

Malcom answered my query within an hour regarding a mast for my 300CE. I had searched the Hirschmann site and come up with the wrong antenna based on the Model number I had found on the outside casing.
He pointed out the error and correctly pointed me at the right product which he had on eBay and it cost me the princeley sum of $45 landed !
Now that might seem a bit expensive, not much though as the aluminium or steel ones are all around the $30-$40 price anyway !

So as a suggestion give Malcom a try if your in the market for an antenna mast - the real deal may not be as expensive as you think !
Oh and by the way, a parts supplier here wanted over $100 for a real one !!
Who's laughing now baby.......

"="2"]...This is a brand new GENUINE replacement aerial antenna mast telescope for the Mercedes E Class 123 models (1975 to 1985) and 124 models (1984 to 1995) Coupe, Cabriolet, Cabrio and Convertible models fitted with the Hirschmann 6000 EL and KE and KE-F series electric aerial (power antenna) as original equipment. The aerial is easily identified from outside the car as the tip is mushroom shaped. This aerial was fitted by Mercedes as original equipment at the factory, and as an approved after-market option on most models. This GENUINE Hirschmann mast is all chrome and has the stylised Hirschmann “h04” on the aerial tip (see illustration). It includes the retaining ferule and drive cable.

Will fit 220, 230, 280, 300, 320 CE and Convertible models . This is a genuine Hirschmann mast, manufactured in Europe, by Hirschmann of Germany, as supplied to Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW. It is made from quality chromium plated brass and is not a cheap copy made in China using chromium plated steel[/SIZE]
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Where exactly is the motor for the antenna located? My antenna functions fine but the switch does not do anything when pressed up or down.
Well it should be directly below the antenna !
If it's left or right rear guard then pull back the internal panel and in mine it it behind a structural panel attached by one screw to this panel !
indeed, the motor is behind the left fender, accessible from the trunk, behind the left side liner. but you don't need to even see the motor to replace the antenna mast as long as the motor runs, and you can get the plastic toothed tail of the old antenna out, the masts are installed from outside the car.
Hey Volvo
Isn't it time you retired that Swedish-come Chinese tank and got yourself into something like a 320CE Cabriolet ? :cool:

EEEEEKKKKK ! PA ! PA! Get the scattergun - there's a big grey grizzly bear in the chicken shed !
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H I J A C K E R S ! ! ! !

It must be me - everytime I post something and reply to someone with a smart ass comment - the topic get's hijacked !!! :mad: but :yelrotflmao:

Anyway a further comment to the TOPIC opf ANTENNA'S .....

It is quite intriguing that when I asked Hirschman about my antenna it drew a blank response because the Part No is not documented as being in their range and they asked for photo's !

I also copied in their response to Malcom who has provided heaps of information - he obviously has a passion for his business.

"...The Hirschmann aerials have part numbers (descriptions) and suffixes:
AUTA 6000 EL was their premium Electric aerial as fitted to Mercedes, BMW Jaguar and Porsche etc between about 1983 and 1993
The correct part number of the aerial is AUTA 6000 EL-F457, but it never appears in a Hirschmann catalogue of that period. The suffix 'F' identifies it as having a rubber grommet type wing fitting and the 457 as containing the wiring and fixing brackets specific to the W124 Saloon series from September 1988 and C124 Coupe series for after-sales installation so the aerial could have been fitted at the factory or by the supplying main dealer. I believe all 3 digit suffixes beginning 4 were Mercedes models.
The same suffix F-457 would also be used for the AUTA 4000 range which was the premium manual aerial. The -457 suffix would not have been used with the AUTA 6000-EL as this was the earlier type of aerial using a bolt-down metal type wing fitting rather than the later rubber push fit type fitting, and not have been used with the later AUTA 6000 KE-F version of the aerial, which used more micro-chip control technology and was more universal in application using separately boxed fitting kits, rather than complete application specific single boxed aerials.
I believe the subsequent Serial No 48 7.01 will identify it's production date in a coded format for warranty purposes. The aerial was made at a time when both Mercedes and Hirschmann products were well engineered and is worth maintaining. ...."

WOW ! Now that's impressive you have to admit.
Being old school in product experience and having all that information.

Yes I know - it's only a damn antenna , but think of it this way, many forum users strongly believe in maintaining the originality of their car.
We now have, as a group, a guy who specialises in one particular original fitment part, is willing to advise and can supply genuine replacement parts for competitive prices !! Gotta Love It !
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You can go back to your Volvo discussion now fellas ! :surrender:


Just recycling this post once more.

My new antenna mast arrived from England today.
All I can say is - why buy a slightly cheaper no-name.

This is a genuine Hirschmann Communications Mast AUTA 6000 Type 04.

It feels and looks the real deal (probably because it is ! :cool:)
It's actually quite heavy, feels solid and fitment was complete in less than 2 minutes ! The aerial now extends it's proper length and now my radio reception which has been a bit flakey on the way to the golf course should be restored !

I can't stress how inexpensive this was compared to the chrome plated aluminium/chinese made stuff for sale on eBay.

$43 Australian (about $45 US at present) and arrived a week after I paid for it. And it's a genuine part - what more can you ask for !

Give Malcom a go if your mast is stuffed ! He also specialises in the rubber fender grommets etc for antennas.

Mast, Aerial items in car-masts-uk-shop store on eBay!
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