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Hi Guys
Often see discussion about antenna masts on the forums.
Help my antenna's jammed or wont work etc etc etc.
Anyone I know there is a plethora of aftermarket stuff out there, aluminium, chrome etc but for the stalwarts I have found a great resource of genuine Hirschmann product in the UK and his prices are great in comparison to the aftermarket US stuff !

Mast, Aerial items in car-masts-uk-shop store on eBay!

Malcom answered my query within an hour regarding a mast for my 300CE. I had searched the Hirschmann site and come up with the wrong antenna based on the Model number I had found on the outside casing.
He pointed out the error and correctly pointed me at the right product which he had on eBay and it cost me the princeley sum of $45 landed !
Now that might seem a bit expensive, not much though as the aluminium or steel ones are all around the $30-$40 price anyway !

So as a suggestion give Malcom a try if your in the market for an antenna mast - the real deal may not be as expensive as you think !
Oh and by the way, a parts supplier here wanted over $100 for a real one !!
Who's laughing now baby.......

"="2"]...This is a brand new GENUINE replacement aerial antenna mast telescope for the Mercedes E Class 123 models (1975 to 1985) and 124 models (1984 to 1995) Coupe, Cabriolet, Cabrio and Convertible models fitted with the Hirschmann 6000 EL and KE and KE-F series electric aerial (power antenna) as original equipment. The aerial is easily identified from outside the car as the tip is mushroom shaped. This aerial was fitted by Mercedes as original equipment at the factory, and as an approved after-market option on most models. This GENUINE Hirschmann mast is all chrome and has the stylised Hirschmann “h04” on the aerial tip (see illustration). It includes the retaining ferule and drive cable.

Will fit 220, 230, 280, 300, 320 CE and Convertible models . This is a genuine Hirschmann mast, manufactured in Europe, by Hirschmann of Germany, as supplied to Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW. It is made from quality chromium plated brass and is not a cheap copy made in China using chromium plated steel[/SIZE]
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I like my Volvos (Amazon, P1800s, 240, 740, 850) like I like my MBs, old & older. And yes, Volvo trumps MB on the utilitarian side of things, especially so the wagons. The truth hurts at times, but cannot be ignored.
If they weren't so ugly I'm pretty sure I'd be drivin' one.
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