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1994 W124 E280 Facelift
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Hello People

This may seem a bit weird but bare with me. I have a genuine W124 AMG rear spoiler that I initially wanted to use on my W124 E280 AMG project but I have changed my mind about it and I am looking for the 3 piece ducktail style one instead to swap with someone that might be willing to do so. I had the spoiler painted in a test colour but other than that, it has no fiberglass or body filler/bondo work done on it. I know this is a bit of a strange thing but if there is someone willing to do a direct swap with me(obviously we each cover our own shipping costs) then I think it's a fair deal. I am based in South Africa and other details will be exchanged if there is someone willing and interested.

I have attached some pictures of the spoiler.



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