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1995 E300 Diesel W124.131 Mosquito Killer
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I have a W124 1995 E300 Diesel that has been nothing but GREAT to me! Love the car and the $0 monthly payment!

It now has 156K miles on it and I just finished service to the transmission (drained torque converter, changed fluid and filter, pan gasket etc). I used Dexron II transmission fluid as required and called for in the 722.4XXX automatic transmission.

I did notice that the transmission had 2 little tiny shavings in it since the last complete fluid change 22K miles ago (I know, shame on me for waiting that long – especially with the summer heat in TX).

I made no adjustments to the vac modulator or throttle linkages.

My concern is that the car is shift much softer immediately after the fluid and filter change. It seems to take longer to complete a shift from gear to gear. It just isn't crisp as it was with the old fluid.

I have driven it about 1000 miles since the change and the shifting is still not as firm as I'd like.

My Questions:

1) Does anyone who has had any experience with this 722.4 non electronic controlled transmission have any good explanation of why this is happening?

2) Is this a sign of worn clutch packs?

3) Should I look into replacing the K1 accumulator's spring/piston assembly in the transmission's valve body?

4) Should I be looking for a low-mileage replacement transmission?

5)Is this as simple as turning the “T” clockwise on the vacuum modulator to increase hydraulic pressure within the transmission to compensate for the age/wear of the transmission?

Your help is appreciated in advance! I want to keep this ubercar on the road as long as possible. W124 fan for life!

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