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Hello all,

My first post here although I do post on the UK forums more often. Unfortunately it always seems I'm looking for help lately with my car. Can anyone shed any light on these issues I'm having?

Rev counter doesn't work
- I've tried replacing the fuse on the rear of the cluster, everything else works
- I've replaced Fuse 5 and cleaned up around there
- Replaced the OVP

From what I understand, the rev counter gets its signal from the EZL unit, but that's about all I know.

Next up is my central locking. it works every now and again. It's stopped working again now. However if i unlock door with key, then start the car, the vacuum pumps immediately goes and all the doors open. it's like the pump doesnt get power without the key in the ignition. I looked at the wiring diagram and it said to check Fuse C, that looks fine.

Finally the SRS airbag light comes on and off every 30 seconds or so. I guess I'll read that code when I get a minute.

Other than that it's a brill car. I'm just about to buy some winter tyres for it too :)

Cheers - Dan
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