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88 300TD 5spd Sport
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I had our 300TD parked out in the snow ice etc during this last long French winter. Wifey used the company 4x4 instead. The 300TD sat out in freezing temps (snow, sleet, ice, freezin rain, yuck) for at least 2 months.

When temps got back to about 40F this spring, I decided to fire him up and go for a little spin. I got in, looked and sniffed around, and found no mustiness or evidence of water leaks. I turned the key and waited for the glow plugs ... then another 10 seconds after the light went out. R-R-R-R VROOOOOM -- immediate start with no loping, just as if he'd been sitting for only a few days.

DAMN what a good car. Too bad about modern Benzes and all the reliability issues. Here in Yurrup they have gotten a really bad rep for all the problems. I think Benz should take the W124 tooling out of mothballs and make a new W124: minimal electronics and luxury crap. The real luxury of a W124 is its anvil-like reliability [:D]
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