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W124 230TE Rear suspension problem

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Hello People,

Can anyone help me come up with a real solution. My wagon started to ride like I was riding on a horse... real bumpy, something like you were using racing shocks. The immediate solution was (as anyone would recommend) was to change/replace both accumulators, or air cells if you will. A quick check on the old accumulators revealed that one of them was actually damage... evident by the fact that a screw driver will completely slide in into the hole as what my merc mechanic told me. It gave me all the reason to get new air cells. After having it replaced, it didn't solve the problem... still a rock hard ride.

i would refuse to take the excuse that the new accumulators I bought (febi brand) are defective. Or are they ? What other tests can I do to check if other parts are defective e.g., hydraulic oil is not pumping properly or gets choked somewhere along the line. I am taking the option of replacing the rear shocks as a last resort for two reasons (1) they don't seem to be damaged as there are no signs of leaks whatsover, and (2) they're very expensive to consider right now if only to find out they're not the cause of my woes.

The ultimate question right now is: Is it accurate to say that the only reason for a bumpy ride is a worn or damaged air cell and nothing else ? If that's the case, then can i conclude that I bought malfunctioning air cells.

If anyone among you had this sort of nightmare and had a solution, PLEASE HELP !!! I terribly miss that benz ride like anything.


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please use your english/internet skills to find the answer rather than posting up in the wrong forum about a subject that has been covered a million times.
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