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I wonder if this is possible if you installed a 200D engine from W124 into a W115?

I'm into a little project. I'll try to fit a 200D from a W124 (80's) to a W115. I will run as economically as possible. The Swedish road tax will cost a diesel up to 1300 U.S. dollars. A liter of petrol costs 1.90 U.S. dollars. Diesel costs 1.70 U.S. dollars per liter.

How much would a W115 200 weigh if it had a 200D engine?
What is it that makes so W115 is so heavy? They weigh as much as W124 if they still have the same volume to the engine and the same equipment.

How much gas will it take a 10km?
I think 5 liters / 10km highway / road.
What do you think?

What would you recommend? 200D or 250D?
300D engine, I have heard that it is difficult to fit into the W115. But the 250D is going well.
But then I do not know how much a 250D will take more diesel and how much greater that is than 200D.

Some facts that I know of W124 and W115:

I know that a W124 200D's 100 meters in 19 seconds.
A 124 250D 100 makes in 16 seconds.

I don't know how weak 200D is.

The weight of a W124 200 carburetors are: kg: 1410
The weight of a W115 200 carburetors are: kg: 1420
A 200D W124 weight: kg: 1450

So what would you recommend me? 200D in a W115? Does it sounds good and economically? Or should i choose a 250D insted?

Or should i choose a W123 insted?

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Why don't you buy a W124?

The W115 has less space in the engine bay, so you might have problems fitting a W124 in there. The W123 has more space.

The choice of engine depends on what you want to do with it and what kind of driver you are.
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