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W123 & W126 Parts Interchangeability

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Hey Benzworld,

My friend has made the decision to sell his 300SD, which had a timing chain failure while driving, to Pick-n-Pull. To get the most out of the car, I was going to venture over to the car and take off some of the parts I could use on my W123, but I am having a hard time finding some information on the parts that are interchangeable between the W123 and W126 models.

I was trying to come up with the things of value or of use I could take to use on my W123. I came up with a short list so far:

- wheels/tires/spare
- brakes (1981)
- radio? (has the CD changer, though it would be cool even though I like the Becker)
- seats/springs?

Could anyone help to add to this list? I figured it would also make a nice list for the forum for those going to the junkyard to check if certain things fit. I could edit the list as more replies come in to have a comprehensive list :)

Thanks guys!
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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