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I find that I need to change the belts on my W123 300TD and have loat my manual and all the online resources that I used last less than a year ago seem to have gone.

I can see how to slack off the power steering pump but there seems to be a plate secured by a threaded wire bar over the alternator.

Just wondered what the process is for slacking of these two to replace the belts which howl like a banshee much to my fiances consternation.

Best regards

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Might be best to try the W123 forum. I'll move your query there.

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It is a 1983 300TD Auto, have now added this to my Sig.

The Wiki does not have any info bar a picture of a belt on it :eek:)

Will probably only take 2 minutes to do its just I don't want to undo the wrong nut and for it all to fall to pieces... LOL
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