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1981 230CE 5spd
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Looking for some help, although I know it is difficult without being here in person to look at it.

Car is a 1981 230CE, German model. I'm not sure if the wiring is different on euro models versus USA?

Car did not have a radio when I got it and I want to take care of that. I dug in the opening and fished out all the available wires and checked them with my DMM. I believe the car previously had a Blaupunkt Bremen installed in the 1980s because I have all the paperwork for one.

Yellow wire: Constant power. Probably spliced in somewhere by PO for the memory on the Bremen.
Black wire: Power with ignition on.
Green/Red wire: Ground

I'm confused about a few things. First off I thought the wire bundle with the black and G/R looked factory, but those colors do not match what my MB wire diagram show (should be red for +, brown for -). So, maybe this was all redone with the aftermarket install?

Second, how do I power the antenna up? I can't find the blue wire anywhere for the antenna. Any ideas where I should search? Doesn't make sense either because the antenna would be required for whatever was in there, so why is the blue wire MIA? If I could find that, I feel like I could wire up a period correct radio pretty easily but without it, I'm at a standstill.

Thanks for any ideas you have.


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