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I have w123 with 200 gas engine.
Original tranny died.
I have working diesel one from 200d engine (tranny 722.116)
I'm planing to put this diesel tranny so the final result will be 200 gas engine with 200d diesel tranny.

The question is how will this diesel tranny behavior on a pertol engine if i remove control pressure valve (located on the top of the valve cover on diesel) and modulated pressure command valve (located on the injection pump) and connect vacum line to inteke manifold on one side and to the tranny on another side.

In other words:
diesel tranny->vacum line connected to modulator on transmission->connected to intake manifold diractly on other side (two vacum valves 1.on valve cover 2.on injection pump removed)

Is it possible to swap the tranny this way?
I know that shifting points will be little different and this is not problem for me?
More important is will i be able to control shifting points with throttle pedal if i remove those diesel valves

Ps. therms control pressure valve and modulated pressure command valve are literally translated because i reading this terms from non english book but hope you will understand what i mean

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