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Hi all,

I have 1979 w116, originally 280se, in his lifetime around year 2000, it had engine replacement.
Engine is replaced with 3.0d non turbo from w123. Not sure if car was originally manual as it is right now, but odometer is showing correct values for speed.

I got a car in 2017, did some bodywork, completely new interior and more or less everything was done except motor. In last few years I was trying to find 280se original motor to put back into the car from either w116 or w126 but it is very hard to find (working one with proper paperwork).
In last few months I see that current engine is not working at 100% and now it becomes a pain and I just want to replace it.

As sourcing of original engine is very hard, I am now thinking to use more modern engine, to provide me power similar to original 280se. So question would be, did anyone replaced engine from newer cars, I am interested only for engines from Mercedes as I live in Europe. Open for suggestions what to use, how hard is to change it to that model (few steps would be nice) or should I just go to most powerfull I can find and make ultimate sleeper car (going back to museum condition is unfortunelly not option...)?

Thank you all for your input.

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Ah what a shame. A 280se in good order is a lovely car to drive.

Which country are you in? Those motors were very common I had thought.
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