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I posted this yesterday at the bottom of an existing thread and have decided to create a separate thread to avoid confusion...

I am looking for a pair of Euro headlights (& wiper system, if possible) for a w116. If anyone has Euro bumpers I'd be open to that too. Within the month, I will be purchasing a 1980 300SD with about 119,000 on it. Runs like new, achieves respectable fuel economy, and isn't rusted out (shocking, I know...)

I was also wondering how hard it would be to add rear headrests..If I could find a pair of course. Chocolate brown tex. I'm not trying to modify the car...just spruce it up a bit.

Anyway, if anyone can get me any of this stuff for a decent price PM me or drop me an [email protected]

This will be my first experience with a 116. I have heard that they have a level of simplicity the 126's do not have. I'm not looking for another 560SEL that's for sure. Don't get me wrong, it is a great car, but it is a complex machine. Certain maintenance is crucial at certain intervals, and to be honest I don't always have the time to see that it happens. Diesels are easier, in that respect...anyway, enough rambling, I'm ready for that 300SD. When I have the car in my posession, I'll be able to really get a feel for what I need.
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