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1996 W124 E220, 1984 300D
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As I drove home today, my clutch pedal didn't rise up to where it normally would be. The sinking feeling soon subsided and the ol' girl got me home safely (God bless Classic Mercs!).

That said, there is one other symptom: A rattling noise at idle. No, it's not the diesel idle clatter. It's a slightly louder, harsher sounding rattle that only occurs at idle. A light touch of the accelerator pedal or engaging the clutch pedal fully and the noise disappears, only to reappear when all feet are off all pedals again.

Perhaps its the thrust bearing?

At this stage, given the likely need to replace the master and slave cylinder, would it be prudent to replace the clutch (doesn't slip - car has plenty of pep) and bearing as well? If so, would the MB dealer be the best place to source the replacement components? Listing the time worn parts you believe are prudent to replace with the transmission dropped out of the car (with numbers if you have them handy) would be incredibly helpful and I would owe you one!

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