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Hello I am new to the forum. I recently purchaced a beautiful 1965 Mercedes 250SE. It blew me away having air conditioning a sun roof power steerering and even a electric drivers window amazing from a car from the 60's I seen it and fell in love with it. But she is having an issue. I can not get her running. Engine turns over greatly and free. Good compression within factory spec valves set right. New spark plugs wires cap and rotor. New ignition coil. New condenser. I haven't replaced the ballast resistor yet as I cant find one locally. But at this point there is no spark present what so ever. No power at the coil while cranking either. I did the old trick with a jumper wire to coil and still got nothing engine didn't even burp and still no spark. The guy I purchased it from says it runs they said there was a faulty ignition switch and wired in a universal ignition switch. Car turns over from key but maybe wired wrong. All fuses are good nothing blown Anyone have something I can they to hear her run? Car is a four speed 2.5L fuel injected engine if that helps any.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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