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W111 250se coupe : starting problem

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Hey all, I recently aquired a 1967 w111 250se coupe from NewYork and had it shipped over to California.

Car started and was running fine, one day I went to start the car and it didn't even want to turn over. No clicking sound or anything. First thing I did was swap out a good battery, all new fuses, wiggle key ignition back and forth, and floor shifter/neutral. All with no luck of starting the car.

Put the car on jackstands so I can get under and take a look at the starter. Gave the solenoid a good couple thump, maybe my starter was on its way out but still nothing.

But I did notice two wires (one big one small) from the starter to a terminal screw box, on the frame. which I believe goes to the alternator, melted together due to it being so close to the manifold (my best guess) I replaced it with new wires of similar size. Also noticed the main 0 gauge wire from the battery to the starter was chaffing on the oil pan if I remember correctly and was making contacting, I patched up that wire (will eventually replace once I figure out my main problem.)

After all that the car still wont turn over, and all fuses from the main fuse box still looks fine.

I tested the starter by jumping the small wire from the starter directly to the battery. You can clearly hear the starter engaging. So the next thing I did was turn the key to #2 and and did the same thing, the car started up instantly. Yes, I understand that I shouldn't have done that as I could ruin the starter, but I only did it once and removed the wire from the battery the moment the car started.

This is as far as I got with trying to figure out why my car all of a sudden won't start.

What I want to know is, by jumping the wire from starter to battery which bypasses the ignition and neutral safety switch. Does that mean both my ignition and neutral safety switch is in proper working condition?

I plan on working on the car tomorrow to see if I can trace any further bad wIre and what not.

If anyone can help/guide me to figuring out this problem it would be greatly appreciated. I'm open ears to anything.

And for the record I did try using the search button... This wasn't a problem that happened just yesterday. My car has been sitting on jack stands for probably a month now while I try and figure out this problem every chance I get to work on the car.

Thank you ahead of time.
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Bypassing the ignition switch and neutral safety switch and it starts... Well, I'd suspect the neutral safety switch since that kills power running from the ign switch start position to the starter. Find that switch, bypass that and see if it'll start with the key. It might be bad, stuck or just out of adjustment.
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