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1970 W108 280S
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My sun visors were worn out and puffy, and since finding an exact replacement was so hard to find, I decided to DIY fix it. I researched a lot to find some instructions and/or advice on how to do it while preserving the MB Tex casing, but there was not enough data.

I finally took the decision of opening it up and improvising. I achieved an acceptable result so I decided to share the technique, as I'm sure that it may be handy to any of you.

1. MDF wood
2. 15 mm foam
3. Cutter
4. Pencil
5. Tape
6. Wood adhesive
7. Wood saw and proper scissors
8. Wood clips
9. A smooth thick thread


Remove the visor from car:
This depends on what car were dealing with. In the W108, it required the removal of a total of 3 screws on each one. Also remove the tightening screw.

Cut the visor open:
Open a straight slit at the edge that faces the front when the visor is closed. This is the best place for the opening as it is least visible.

Empty and clean visor:
Carefully remove the metal framework, making sure that you don't rip the casing while doing so. Then remove all the old foam and cardboard that is inside. After emptying the casing, thoroughly clean the casing and the metal framework.

Prepare the wood plate:
The point of having the wood is to provide support to the foam.
Place the metal framework on the wood slate, and outline it using a pencil. Trim the wood accordingly.
Note that there is a curve/second plane on the W108 visor framework. Personally, I trimmed the piece of wood to the whole size of the frame, then I located where that curve/second plane started and I cut my trimmed piece at that line. The photo will explain this better!

Stick that wood to the framework:
Using tape, stick the wood plate to the framework. Make sure that they are holding firmly

Adhere foam:
Cut the foam to cover both sides of the wooden plate, then adhere it to the wood. Use some clips to keep the foam adapted to the wood.a Leave them for a least 2 hours to let the glue completely dry, after which you can trim any excess foam to make it more precise.

Fill the casing:
Carefully place your metal/wood/foam combo into the casing, making sure you don't rip the casing while doing so. After placing it, look for any creases that are found on the casing. Try to adapt the casing at those crease lines to ensure that snuggly fit.

Finish off by sewing/stitching the opening. Try to use a technique that doesn't involve straining the casing too much, and try to minimize the number of stitches. Remember that were dealing with an old and worn vinyl material that was not made to be stitched!
I used a technique called the whip stitch.

Place the visor back in car:
Use the same screws that were already there. Don't forget the tightening screw!

I hope that this was helpful, I tried to be as elaborate as I can. Feel free to ask me about anything!

Best of luck,
Morad Nashed


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