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W108 License Plate fasteners

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I finally got the plate for my w108 to be totally legal and legitimate, ready for the street, maybe even charge up my working AC. LOL. (Heater fan INOP, but who needs that in summer?)

Anyway, I've been hanging my license plate with wires by the enormous holes in the license plate holes. It seems to me that there should be threaded screws. I've contemplated putting plastic wood screw sheaths (like a drywall fastener), but thought I should ask how this SHOULD be, instead of making up a new hack.

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Fonzi...I'm a bit thick so I made up my own new hack 7 years ago when I purchased my 280SEL. I took a short piece of 3/4" wide flat bar and bent it into a shallow "U". Bolted the outside legs through the slots and tapped two holes for the license plate to screw in.


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