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I installed COMAND in my 2001 E320. I thought that I didn't have to mess with the speed sensor wire because I was told that if the volume on the factory stereo increased with speed and decreased when slowing down it was already there which mine had. However, the COMAND continued tells me I'm off road and the map works but takes a few minutes to update when I'm moving. The dealers tech told me that's because the GPS needs the vehicle speed to work and it's not in that bundle. He couldn't do the work (Mercedes won't let him) but he said its in the passenger door sill. I took the four sill apart and found the wire but no one can tell me where it ends. Is the end underneath the kick panel fitting at the front of the door/dash (and if so how do you remove the kick panel) or is it go to the back of the car?

I need a fast answer because I have to get the car back together tonight so I can go on a trip tomorrow

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Well I found it. Now I have t go get wiring since Mercedes doesn't give you enough to extend it to the center console.

I really don't understand why Mercedes doesn't extend the wiring to the center console. I mean since its hooked to the speed sensor anyway and the only thing it's used for is COMAND, why not pre wire it???? I mean really!!!!
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