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Volume nob on command ripped ???

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is there any way i can have that replaced or buy a new one and is it easy to install its really annoying.
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Take it in for warrenty work, should be covered...they replaced my whole navigation just cause my cd would get stuck sometimes on its way out
i remember mys service advisor telling me that the command and speakers and navi n all the radio related stuff is not covered by the extended starmark warranty.. how did u get them to do it? my sunroof visor is broken and they wont even cover that they want 900-1000 cash just to readjust it...??? B.S!!! i dont even know why i got the warranty.
OHHHH I thought you had the factory warrenty, I'm still under factory I guess thats why they covered it. Try going on a junkyard search engine, you could probably find a used one there, if you dont want to spend a lot, if its even worth it. Good Luck
if you were in the UAE, I would have suggested you get a coded unit which has been removed from a crashed car and just switch the knobs,... they cost peanuts over there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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