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I'm struggling with Vito boost control.
It is a VDO electric motor acuator, not the vacuum thing
(IHI VV19 turbo)

It has a 3-wire connection. (12V-GND-SIGNAL)
Does anybody know how the control signal is wired from ECU to turbo actuator?
It is 140 Hz PWM and it should be visible in the actuator connector, but it is not.
We checked continuity for 12V supply and GND wires, they are directly wired to ECU's large 'techno-connector'
BUT the control signal (PWM) is not directly wired: followed the wire up from turbo actuator it is fine to fuse box, but it then dissappears under the SAM-module and I cant find it in the ECU connector with Fluke.

Any hint would be valuable.



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My bad, the info above is not correct!

Actuator has 3 wires in 4-pin connectors.

PIN1: Not connected
PIN2: Signal: coming directly from ECU large connector pin 68
PIN3: Power 12V, coming from SAM (ignition switched)
PIN4: GND, the brown wire circulating thru fusebox and ending at grounding point at inner fender.

That ground wire was cut at grounding funny voltages at other points.. it is all sorted now and boost is back.

According the merc gurus in our local forums, the VDO actuators seldom fail.
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