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1999 vito 110D westfalia
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I bought a w638 wich had some problems, the biggest 1 being that it drains the battery. Now i noticed that it didnt unlock all doors by unlocking 1 so i tought wel strange but it might not have central locking. But then i was thinking why have this thick bulky flip key if you dont have central locking. Turns out it should have central locking, but something is wrong.

So a few questions.
1. How is this key supposed to work? It has not buttons other then to flip the key out.
2.There seems to be not response to unlocking the car with the key from anything in the car, so what should i start looking at?
3. There is a central locking light? on the dash that sometimes is flashing, wich i think indicates it thinking that a door is not properly locked?
4. I heard some noise from behind the dash sometimes, so i went to look, and there was the central locking module making some ticking noise. And i think this is where the battery gets drained from. So anyone got any experience with this making noise? It might be trying to lock and unlock the doors when it makes that noise?
5. Is there a fuse for the central locking? If so where is it most likely located on a 1999 vito 110D(the om 601 powerd manual trans version)

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